Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Kit

  • $4,930.00 USD

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One Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Tool comes with two laser transmitters, each equipped with two spring loaded tips which fit into the pulley grooves .

One Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Tool also comes with various sized removable tips to fit standard sheave sizes A-E (0.2"-1.6").

Upon making contact with the pulley, two strong industrial magnets on each transmitter hold the Belt Hog in place.

A laser beam from each transmitter shines onto a graduated target label on the opposite unit.

Horizontal and Vertical corrections can then be visually determined simply by checking the placement of the beam on the target labels.

A detailed instructional manual accompanies each Belt Hog which guides the user to an accurate, complete alignment!


Dimensions: 2.40 x 3.00 x 2.35 in (h x w x d)
Weight: approximately 1.4 lbs
Battery type: (2) AAA batteries
Operating time: 20 hours continuous operation
Measuring distance: 6" to 20 feet
Measuring accuracy: 3.49 mils/in (Better than 0.5mm or 0.2 degrees)
Pulley diameter range: 3" and larger
Pulley belt groove with: ALL known industrial groove profiles
Classification: Class 2 laser
Output power: <1mW
Laser wavelength: 630 - 675 nm

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