Quick-Wedge® Screw-Holding Screwdrivers

With its double split blade, Quick Wedge is one of the most unique and valuable hand tools you can buy
  • The powerful wedge type action of the double blade takes a positive grip inside the screw slot. It holds the screw in a weld like grasp, permitting you to hold, start, drive and set screws using only one hand.
  • You can reach a slotted screw in the tightest imaginable space- even a space not much larger than the diameter of the screw or bolt head itself.
  • Screwdriving control and power are greatly increased because the blade will not slip in the screw slot.
  • In a hard-to-reach location, Quick-Wedge lets you give your attention to the positioning of your work and materials to be fastened, without worrying about dropping or fumbling with the screw.