Screw Chek'r

Save Time.
Prevent Costly Errors.

Valuable time and money is lost each year by mechanics, maintenance people and do-it-yourselfers using the wrong size screws. This is especially true when it comes to guessing metric screw sizes. Now an easy-to-use, foolproof tool eliminates these problems.

With precision machined threads, the Screw Chek'r/Identifier gives you all the information you need to accurately identify all types of screws in both inch and metric sizes - machine screws, bolts, wood screws, sheet metal screws, and even cotter pins and rivets. It's so simple, anyone can use it- instantly.

Crafted with pride in America, the Screw Chek'r/Identifier fits easily into your shirt pocket for convenient use whenever you need it. Manufactured from either high-impact styrene or heavy gauge satin chrome plated steel.


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