Special Inside Diameter Pi Tapes (Inch/Metric)

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Internal Diameter Tapes

  • Available in either the standard, easy read or stainless steel versions.
  • The tapes are manufactured and graduated allowing for two factors.
  • Firstly that the thickness of the tape will be on the inside of the circumference, secondly that the tape will not be under tension.
  • An Internal Diameter tape thus reads the true internal diameter directly.
  • A Standard Outside Diameter Tape can be used to measure internal diameters by adding twice the tape thickness to the reading taken with an outside diameter tape, although the accuracy is slightly impaired.
  • It is therefore recommended that Internal Diameter Tapes are used for measuring internal diameters accurately.
  • When measuring large internal diameters, pieces of masking tape can be used to hold the tape in a proper parallel position.

The periphery tape, provides a quick, accurate and easy method of reading true diameters of both round and out-of-round forms.

  • Perfect for measurement of thin or soft walled parts - large or small.
  • Pi Tape gages consist of a narrow metal ribbon bearing special graduations.
    These graduations are designed to convert circumferential distance into diameter measurement so the observer can read the diameter directly from the scale.
  • Tapes are checked over master gages at .001'"(.03mm) accuracy for standard tapes up to 144" (3600mm).
    Certificate of accuracy traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology is furnished.
  • Pi Tapes require a minimum of maintenance, but we do recommend a quick wipe with an oil moistened cloth after use. A light gun oil works very well.

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