0°- 360° Digital Miracle Point, Magnetic Base and Protractor

  • $1,258.00 USD


Digital Erick Miracle Point model 900-01D Centering head / pipe centering tool.

  • More precise than other centering head tools
  • Digital display resolution 0.1 degree / centering accuracy = +/- 0.5 degree 4x90 degree
  • Gives immediate reading of angles for 360-degree radius.
  • Display .10 degree or % pitch per foot angle Absolute or relative measurement
  • N.I.S.T. traceable certificate included
  • The V base exerts a powerful magnetic pull to most any shape/form.
  • The V base is precision milled and the center pin will show the middle point at the angle being indicated 
  • use a protractor or center locator
  • Punch the center pin on the Centering Head to locate center at angle being indicated
  • one of the most accurate, and quickest ways to mark the center of round, square, hex, most any shape that fits into the v leg
  • great for metal fabrication, pluming, welding, set up, drills, mills, lathes, benders and general leveling needs
  • Made in U.S.A.


Button 1 on/off power switch press and hold for 3-5 seconds to power on/off

Button 2. Display option Degree or % of slope press to switch

Button 3. Calibrate setting Absolute 0.0 or current position set relative 0.0 press and hold for 3 sec to set 0.0 (unit is set at factory and will resume factory setting once turned on/off)

Button 4 Hold to save current position press and hold the 4th button the current position will be locked to screen arrow will blink. press again to resume


Digital interface – 2″
Height – 5 1/4″
Width – 5″
Depth – 1″

  • Net Weight – 1 lb.
  • Protractor set in cast aluminum housing
  • Supplied in a steel case specially designed for air shipment and safe storage of the protractor 
  • Shipping weight 3 lbs



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