Silvent 750-W Air Gun

Silvent 750-W Air Gun

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SIL.750-W: equipped with an energy-efficient flat nozzle made of Zytel that generates an extremely strong and effective blowing force at the same time that the sound level is exceptionally low. Compressed air is optimally used in this safety air gun, which through its unique design introduces a completely new blowing technology feature. This safety air gun is an excellent choice for large surfaces that need to be blown clean because of its unique blowing pattern and high blowing force! The safety guns of the 750 series have up to 12 times stronger blowing force than ordinary air guns on the market today. Despite the high blowing force, both the sound level and energy consumption are low.



SI units



US units  
Blowing force 36.0 N 7.9 lbs
Air consumption 182.0 Nm³/h 107.1 scfm
Sound level 92 dB(A)
Blowing pattern Flat
Connection G 1/2" 1/2"
Connection type Female
Material Zytel
Max temp 70 °C 158 °F
Max operating pressure 0.7 MPa 100.0 psi


Replace open pipe 14 mm 9/16 inch
Noise reduction [dB(A)] 27 dB(A) 85 %
Air/cost savings [Nm³/h] 181 Nm³/h 50 %
Meet the EU Machine directives Yes

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