Screw-on Extension Pilots for Adjustable Hand Reamers

  • $233.03 USD


Screw-on Extension Pilots are designed to meet the demand for an attachment which makes easier the use of the conventional Expanding Hand Reamer when line reaming on such jobs as king pins and piston bushing.

The Screw-On Extension Pilot is supplied complete with a double-taper sliding Cone Bush and replacement Collar.

When using the Extension Pilot it is essential to ensure that threads of both the Reamer and the Pilot are clean.

The method of fitting the Pilot is a simple operation carried out by removing the front adjustment nut and replacing it with the plain collar with the internal chamfer facing the blades.

Screw on the Extension Pilot and replace the sliding bush using either the long or short taper whichever is the more suitable for the operation in hand.

For inline reaming of two holes, seat the tapered cone supplied into the second hole to be reamed and pass the Pilot through the first hole and locate into the Cone and commence to ream the first hole, to ream the second hole reverse the procedure.

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