Left Hand National Coarse (UNC) Taps

Left Hand National Coarse (UNC) Taps

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The tap chamfer is the tapering of the threads to distribute cutting action over several teeth. The type of hole to be tapped has much to do with the chamfer style of that tap that's best suited. Some holes go all the way through; some, while not through-holes, are relatively deep; some are quite shallow (a little deeper than diameter). Each of these three kinds of holes - through, deep-bottoming blind, and shallow bottoming - has a tap chamfer best suited to threading requirements.

Taper Tap Image

Taper Taps - This style, with a 8-10 thread chamfer, has the longest chamfer of the three to distribute action over the maximum number of teeth; and the taper also acts as a guide in starting the cutting action in the hole. Taper style taps start the thread square with the workpiece. Taper taps are commonly used in through holes and in materials where a tapered guide is necessary.

Plug Tap Image

Plug Taps ( Seconding Tap)- This style, with a 4-6 thread chamfer, is most widely used in through holes and where there is sufficient room at the bottom in blind holes.

Bottom Tap Image

Bottoming Taps ( Finishing Tap) - This style, with a 1-2 thread chamfer, is made with just enough chamfer for starting in the hole; as the name implies, it is designed to thread blind holes to the bottom.

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