Inflatable Low Pressure Pipe Stoppers

Inflatable Low Pressure Pipe Stoppers

  • $290.21 USD


These versatile inflatable air bags and stoppers are used to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications, most commonly used for:

Plumbing operations
Ideal for creating an air-tight seal in drainage applications
Low pressure hydrostatic tests
On-site thermoforming of bends in ducting and conduit materials
Fibre-optic construction projects
Concrete Pipe Joint Testing
Debris and Animal Stopping
Weld purging to isolate large volumes in tanks, so minimum volumes are left for argon/nitrogen purging


Cylindrical bags or Spherical bags.

Often used to prevent the ingress of debris, unwanted material & even animals. They also offer a solution to stop the flow of gas or liquid along a pipe or duct, with all common sizes as an off the shelf product. Pipestoppers™ Inflatable Stoppers cover pipe ID's of 2" (50 mm) through to 72"(1800 mm)


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