Flex-hones for Paintball Guns

Flex-hones for Paintball Guns

  • $75.93 USD

Flex-Hone® Tools for Paintball Guns

With protective stem coating. Just like any other firearm, your paintball guns require the same finishing attention. Flex hones help keep your paintball guns performing at the highest level. Our rear bore and barrel flex hones are offered in a variety of abrasives and grits to ensure that your paintball guns have the surface finishing they need to perform.


18" OAL Barrel Flex-Hone Tools
180SC 600AO 800AO Levigated Alumina
.68 CAL. *FH-00750 *FH-00733 *FH-00461 *FH-01199
10" OAL Rear Bore Flex-Hone Tools
600AO 800AO
RB .850 *FH-00642 *FH-00734

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