Flex-Hones For Rotors

Flex-Hones For Rotors

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The Flex-Hone® For Rotors

The Flex-Hone® tool from Brush Research has set the industry standard for excellence in hone tools. Our flex hones for rotors are specially designed to provide the ideal surface finish for disc brake rotors and flywheels. With the ability to finish more rotors per hone, we know our hone tools will be the answer your rotor finishing needs.

download a PDF of our Flex-Hone for Rotors brochure.

flex-hone for rotorsFlex-Hone® for Rotors utilizes the patented Flex-Hone® technology to produce the ideal surface finish on automotive and motorcycle disc brake rotors, automotive fly wheels and clutch plates. More rotors per hone than abrasive pads.

  • Lowers Harmonic Vibrations
  • Produces a non-directional pattern
  • Ideal for new and re-turned rotors and flywheels
Catalog Number Item Grit
FH-RMFH60Z25 Flex-Hone® for Rotors Coarse
FH-RMFH120Z25 Flex-Hone® for Rotors Medium
FH-RMFH240Z25 Flex-Hone® for Rotors Fine


The Flex-Hone for Rotors should be securely held in a collet, chuck or similar holding device. The disc rotor should
be mounted on a brake lathe and rotated between 125 and 210 RPM. Position all guards before starting the tool.
The tool should be chucked securely in a variable speed electric drill motor or low speed air drill. The tool should
rotate 300-600 RPM. (never exceed 1000 RPM). Bring the tool into contact with the rotating rotor at a slight
angle and work in towards the center and out to the edge of the rotor face. Light, uniform pressure is used. Dwell
time against the part produces the desired finish not excessive pressure. The tool is used dry and should be worked
for 15 to 20 seconds at a time. Do not overheat by dwelling for longer periods of time. 10-15 seconds clockwise
and 5-10 seconds counterclockwise should produce the desired finish.

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