Flare Brushes

Flare Brushes

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The patented DEB-3, 3X, 4 and 4X (US Patent No. 3696563) Flare Brushes have a cobalt base hard facing which is flame-coated to the ends of stainless steel aircraft cable.

Part No. Description Notes
DEB-3 3-Prong Heavy Duty Use with slow rpm drill motor for chipping operation. Suitable for carbon removal from ports, etc.
DEB-3X Similar to DEB-3 Longer Prongs for 3 1/2" to 6" IDs. For rust removal from pipe IDs use at 2000 rpm.
DEB-4 5-Prong Light Duty Will flare out at 2,000 rpm for rust and scale removal from pipe IDs. Long life as long as it does not ge hung-up, which will twist cables. Will cover IDs from 1 1/2"-4". Will not work in curved pipe
DEB-4X Similar to DEB-4 Made with longer prongs for 5" to 8" IDs



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