Regular Drill-out

Regular Drill-out

  • $55.94 USD

Regular Drill-out

They come in 4 sizes 1/4 inch (M6), 5 /16 inch (M8), 3/8 inch (M12) and 1/2 inch (M12).

The Drill-out ® is a drill bit AND extractor in one and is engineered with a Winslow self-centering tip.

Each tool is specially designed to drill into rough surfaces that are caused when bolts break.

The Drill-out ® tip not only gives you complete control-it allows you to obtain a perfectly centered hole without the tip walking or wandering.

The most unique feature of the Drill-out ®'s tip is its left hand cutting edge.

This feature helps to loosen and sometimes even turn the bolt out during drilling.


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