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Drill Chuck Arbors - Morse Taper to Jacobs Taper

Drill Chuck Arbors - Morse Taper to Jacobs Taper

$37.21 USD


Always specify Jacobs arbors to serve the finest performance from Jacobs drill and tap chucks.

They are precision ground to our master gauges and guarantee the finest possible accuracy and fit.


Morse Taper to Jacobs® taper

Cat No. Shank Taper Chuck Taper
A0100 1 MT J0
A0101 1 MT J1
A0102 1 MT J2
A0106 1 MT J6
A0133 1 MT J33
A0201 2 MT J1
A0202 2 MT J2
A0203 2 MT J3
A0204 2 MT J4
A0206 2 MT J6
A0233 2 MT J33
A0301 3 MT J1
A0302 3 MT J2
A0303 3 MT J3
A0304 3 MT J4
A0305 3 MT J5
A0306 3 MT J6
A0333 3 MT J33
A0402 4 MT J2
A0403 4 MT J3
A0404 4 MT J4
A0405 4 MT J5
A0406 4 MT J6
A0433 4 MT J33
A0503 5 MT J3
A0504 5 MT J4
A0505 5 MT J5


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