Drain Testing Plug Kit

Drain Testing Plug Kit

  • $1,452.97 USD

Drain Testing Kits

For the complete leak testing of total waste fluid draining systems in domestic or commercial buildings, the Drain Test Kit provides all of your requirements.

The Drain Test Kit contains plugs ideally suited for the most popular sizes of drainage pipes.

Have your requirements ready to hand with this popular kit with positions for finding and replacing plugs as required.


Product Code PS.DK001

Weight:  2.65 kg (5.84 lbs)

Size:  450 x 340 x 100 mm (17.17 x 13.38 x 3.93")


Contents in plastic carry case:
2 x      2½" Hollow Shaft Plugs
2 x 3" Hollow Shaft Plugs
2 x 4" Hollow Shaft Plugs
2 x 5" Hollow Shaft Plugs
2 x 6" Hollow Shaft Plugs
4 x ½" BSP Nipple Caps
4 x ½" BSP Swivel Nut and Hose Tail

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