Pool and Spa Plug Kit

Pool and Spa Plug Kit

  • $1,286.92 USD

Pipestoppers® Pool and Spa Kit

Designed specifically for plumbing applications for the leak testing of pipework used in pool and spa maintenance and leak testing the typical pipework found in swimming pool and spa installations.

Fix leaks without having to drain your swimming pools and spas.

Save expensive chemicals and heating costs by not needing to drain those pools and spas.

Overcome problems with large volume water drainage that requires special handling of water including chemicals.

Ready made kits of plugs to make the sealing of all holes easy and fast for reliable leak testing.

The plugs are made from nylon and natural rubber, so they will not corrode and seize up. They can also be totally dismantled for cleaning and part replacement.

Each kit contains:

1 off      4" U-Gauge, Bulb, Y Union and Hoses
2 off 1.5" Nylon Plugs
2 off 2" Nylon Plugs
2 off 3" Nylon Plugs
2 off 4" Nylon Plugs
1 off Blue ABS Carry Storage Case with Cut Foam Liner
1 off 0.5" BSP Nipple caps
1 off 0.5" Swivel Nut with free Tail Piece


For larger diameters see the details of the Drain Test Plug Kit.

All plugs are available as individual items for replacement purposes.

Plug sizes from 1.5 inch and above have an ½" BSP threaded hollow shaft for connecting air lines to pressurize the items under test.

Plugs size 1.5" are available with a narrow bore threaded stem or are available as a solid stem.


PS.SPA001 For Kit contents, see table below for  Plumbing Leak Testing of Pipework in Pool and Spa Maintenance

Weight: 1.9 kg (4.18 lbs)

Size: 450 x 340 x 100 mm (17.17 x 13.38 x 3.93")


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