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Metric Bearing Locknut Hex Dies, Sizes KM0 to KM24

Metric Bearing Locknut Hex Dies, Sizes KM0 to KM24

$151.62 USD

Metric bearing locknut dies are used for creating or repairing external threads.

High Speed Steel

Please allow up to 4 weeks for non-stock dies

Part Number Thread Size for bearing locknut
DIEKM0H M 10x0.75 KM 0
DIEKM1H M 12x1 KM 1
DIEKM2H M 15x1 KM 2
DIEKM3H M 17x1 KM 3
DIEKM4H M 20x1 KM 4
DIEKM4.4H M 22x1 KM 4.4
DIEKM5H M 25x1.5 KM 5
DIEKM5.6H M 28 x 1.5 KM 5.6
DIEKM6H M 30x1.5 KM 6
DIEKM6.4H M 32x1.5 KM 6.4
DIEKM7H M 35x1.5 KM 7
DIEKM8H M 40x1.5 KM 8
DIEKM9H M 45x1.5 KM 9
DIEKM10H M 50x1.5 KM 10
DIEKM11H M 55x2 KM 11
DIEKM12H M 60x2 KM 12
DIEKM13H M 65x2 KM 13
DIEKM14H M 70x2 KM 14
DIEKM15H M 75x2 KM 15
DIEKM16H M 80x2 KM 16
DIEKM17H M 85x2 KM 17
DIEKM18H M 90x2 KM 18
DIEKM19H M 95x2 KM 19
DIEKM20H M 100x2 KM 20
DIEKM21H M 105x2 KM 21
DIEKM22H M 110x2 KM 22
DIEKM23H M 115x2 KM 23
DIEKM24H M 120x2 KML 24


Part Number Thread Size for bearing locknut
DIEKM24H M 120x2 KM 24
DIEKM25H M 125x2 KM 25
DIEKM26H M 130x2 KML 26
DIEKM26H M 130x2 KM 26
DIEKM27H M 135x2 KM 27
DIEKM28H M 140x2 KML 28
DIEKM28H M 140x2 KM 28
DIEKM29H M 145x2 KM 29
DIEKM30H M 150x2 KML 30
DIEKM30H M 150x2 KM 30
DIEKM31H M 155x3 KM 31
DIEKM32H M 160x3 KML 32
DIEKM32H M 160x3 KM 32
DIEKM33H M 165x3 KM 33
DIEKM34H M 170x3 KML 34
DIEKM34H M 170x3 KM 34
DIEKM36H M 180x3 KML 36
DIEKM36H M 180x3 KM 36
DIEKM38H M 190x3 KML 38
DIEKM38H M 190x3 KM 38
DIEKM40H M 200x3 KML 40
DIEKM40H M 200x3 KM 40

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