Silvent X07 Stainless Nozzle

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SIL.X07 is a stainless steel blowing nozzle with patented multi Laval technology, developed for applications requiring a strong blowing force. The energy saving blowing nozzle is part of Silvent’s revolutionary new X-series. The SILVENT X07 has a completely new and innovative design that creates a concentrated jet of air with reduced turbulence, thus enabling a more targeted, effective blowing force. Thanks to the newly patented technology, the air nozzle's design optimizes the air pressure’s change from potential energy to aimed concentrated kinetic energy. This allows for maximal use of the air pressure. SILVENT X07 has approximately seven times the blowing force of SILVENT X01. The unique design makes it possible to reduce noise levels during blowing by more than 10dB(A). The blowing nozzle is perfect for environments that demand strong blowing forces, such as steel plants and paper mills.


Technical data (US)

Replace open pipe Ø (inch) 1/2
Blowing force 5.0 lbs
Air consumption (scfm) 70.6
Sound level (dB(A)) 96
Nozzle technology Multi laval
Material (nozzle) 1.4404 (316L)
Connection NPT 1/2"
Connection type Male
Weight (lbs) 0.104
Max temp. (°F) 752
Max op. pressure (psi) 145

Benefits when replacing an open pipe

Replace open pipe Ø (inch) 1/2
Noise reduction 20 [dB(A)] 75%
Energy savings 86 [scfm] 55%

Material specification: EN 1.4404

Blowing properties at different pressures

Pressure (psi) 40 60 80 100 120
Blowing force (oz) 44.9 67.3 89.7 112.1 134.6
Air consumption (scfm) 35.6 53.4 71.2 89.0 106.8
Sound level (dB(A)) 93.3 94.5 95.4 96.2 96.9

Blowing coverage

Blowing dist. (inch) Blowing coverage (inch)
2 1.57
4 3.15
8 4.72
12 6.30
16 7.87
20 9.45

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