Inch Size Pi-Tapes from 1/4" to 228", O.D. Measuring Tapes

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The periphery tape, provides a quick, accurate and easy method of reading true diameters of both round and out-of-round forms.

  • Perfect for measurement of thin or soft walled parts - large or small.
  • Pi Tape gages consist of a narrow metal ribbon bearing special graduations.
    These graduations are designed to convert circumferential distance into diameter measurement so the observer can read the diameter directly from the scale.
  • Tapes are checked over master gages at .001'"(.03mm) accuracy for standard tapes up to 144" (3600mm).
    Certificate of accuracy traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology is furnished.
  • Pi Tape gages are a precision tool made of 1095 clock spring steel .
    They require a minimum of maintenance, but we do recommend a quick wipe with an oil moistened cloth after use. A light gun oil works very well.

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