Eclipse Magnetic Floaters

Eclipse Magnetic Floaters

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Eclipse Magnetic Floaters

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Eclipse Magnetic Floaters are devices for automatic separation of steel sheets. They operate by the mutual repulsion of workpieces magnetized identically by permanent magnets. The uppermost sheet floats in the air.

Magnetic Floaters are generally auxiliaries to major machine tools and as such should be integrated fully into the work flow systems of these machines. The two main attitudes of flotation are horizontal and vertical. Small and narrow sheets are generally floated horizontally. Larger sheets are floated vertically.

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Cat. No. Width at poles (mm) Height (mm) Extreme depth (mm) Weight pair (kg)
MAG913 73 76 65 1.40
MAG914 92 102 76 3.10
MAG915 113 152 89 6.75

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