Combi-Die NC sizes

  • $61.49 USD

Combi-Dies - NC Sizes

Self-Centering Guide
1. Sell-centering guide ensures proper alignment
2. Simply insert rod or damaged bolt into guide
3. Turn clockwise to begin threading

Solid, Precision, Toolsteel Die, needs no adjustment (replaces a Dienut on many applications.) Used with a good quality lubricant , Comb-die cuts perfect threads, time after time, without reversing.

Light, Unbreakable (in normal use) Diestock with permanently bonded Die and Guide. Combi-die is light in the tool box or hangs on a workshop tool rack (protective wallet supplied)

Guide holds cutting due in correct alignment with the workpiece. Combi-die promotes square cutting, prevents uneven threads an so improves die life.

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