Flex-hones for Shotguns

  • $98.33 USD

Flex-Hone® Tools for Shotguns


Specially sized for barrel and chamber applications in all popular sizes. Use with Flex-Hone® Oil. With Protective Stem Coating.

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34" OAL Barrel Flex-Hone Tools 12" OAL Chamber Flex-Hone Tools
180SC 800AO 800AO
10 Gauge *FH-00607 *FH-00608 10 Gauge *FH-00611
12 Gauge *FH-00048 *FH-00049 12 Gauge *FH-00054
16 Gauge *FH-00050 *FH-00051 16 Gauge *FH-00055
20 Gauge *FH-00052 *FH-00053 20 Gauge *FH-00056
410 Bore *FH-00609 *FH-00610 410 Bore FH-00612

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