Flat Abrasive Tapes - Aluminium Oxide

  • $108.00 USD

Grain Size Aluminum Oxide Crocus Silicon Carbide
Inches MM Part Number Part Number Part Number
180 .063 1.59 Mitch.01 - Mitch.01-S
180 .094 2.38 Mitch.56 Mitch.56-C Mitch.56-S
180 .125 3.18 Mitch.57 - Mitch.57-S
150 .188 4.76 Mitch.58 - Mitch.58-S
150 .250 6.35 Mitch.59 Mitch.59-C Mitch.59-S


*Supplied wound in approximate 50 foot lengths (15 meters)
on durable adhesive tape like spools.
Mitchell’s flexible cords and tapes deburr, grind and polish hard to reach areas which are inaccessible to most standard tools. Ideal for narrow slots, grooves, small holes, and curved surfaces, the round cords and flat tapes can be used on metal, plastic and wood.
Impregnated with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and crocus, for ultra fine polishing, Mitchell’s abrasive cords are available in 0.012" to 0.150" diameters and the tapes come in 1/16" to ¼" widths.
Both are supplied on handy adhesive tape like spools in generous 50-foot lengths.
Whether you are a machinist, woodworker, jeweler, hobbyist, or handyman, Mitchell’s abrasive cords and tapes should be a part of every tool kit!
Better for grooves than sandpaper!
Abrasive cords and tapes eliminate the bother of trying to fold and fit sandpaper into deep grooves.
They are ideal for finishing new wood spindles or stripping old furniture. Other uses include jewelry finishing & repairs, automotive applications, sewing machine maintenance, gunsmithing, plumbing and many more!
Extremely flexible, these small diameter cords fit into places where rigid tools cannot. They are ideal for model airplane maintenance and other hobby construction projects.
Cords and tapes clean rusted threads
These cords and tapes are tough enough to deburr and remove rust, paint and sludge from pipe threads and other contoured surfaces.
Ideal for preparing a surface for soldering or removing solder flash, small diameter cords can easily reach through holes and around components or leads. Available in eighteen different sizes!

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