Wedgies™ Installation Shims

  • $158.41 USD

Plastic Wedge Construction & Installation Shims

  • Precision Brand Wedgie™ shims are stackable, non-slip, plastic shims used for leveling and stabilizing
  • Ideal for furniture, cabinets, counter tops, shelving, appliances, set-up jigs, commercial windows, glass doors, concrete blocks, HVAC equipment, toilets, sinks, tubs, tooling and many other similar items
  • Each shim has 38 non-slip interlocking ridges that help hold, grip and allow the Wedgie™ shims to be securely stacked together both horizontally and laterally
  • Plastic material means shims will not shrink, swell or rot
  • Precision Brand Wedgie™ shims are available in hard and soft thermoplastic polymers


  • Made from polyvinyl
  • Super flexible, absorbs vibration, reduces noise,and is a great stabilizing cushion
  • Trims easily with knife or snips

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Tough and durable, can hold up to 2,000 pounds
  • Glue resistant, useful as a clamping pad on angled surfaces
  • Specs

    • All Wedgie™ shims are 1.15” W x 1.91” D x .245” H with a 5.75” degree taper from .035” to .245”
    • Melting Point: Hard/Rigid 446 degrees F/230 degrees C; Soft/Flexible 176 degrees F/80 degrees C
    • Soft Shim Brittleness: -35 degrees F

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