Sof' Shoe Shims - Slotted Alignment Elastomers

  • $192.91 USD

Precision Brand Sof' Shoe shim solves angular soft foot alignment problems on motors, pumps, generators, turbines, and other plant machinery.

  • Sof' Shoe shim is made of a proprietary elastomer which has unique flow and set characteristics to fill irregular gaps
  • Sof' Shoe shim compresses 12% permanently over a 10 to 14 day period conforming to any irregularity on a foot and/or base
  • The yellow Sof' Shoe shims are .045" thick and compress to .040"
  • The blue Sof' Shoe shims are .020" and compress to .0175"
  • The thickness tolerance of Sof' Shoe shim is ±.005"
  • Sof' Shoe shim is stable to 225 degrees F
  • For more technical information on Sof' Shoe shim and angular soft foot, contact Newman Tools

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