National Fine (UNF) Combined Drill & Taps

  • $69.84 USD

UNF (Unified National Fine) HSS Combined Drill & Taps

  • Combined drill and taps are designed to perform two operations in one pass.
  • Significantly increases part throughput in production runs.
  • Drill designed with a split point, which eliminates a center-drilling/punching operation.
  • Available as popular specials in inch, metric and pipe sizes; blueprint specials to exact specifications also available.
  • Specify Combined drill and taps for unmatched savings and increased production, with tight tolerances.


  • For use on through-hole applications only.
  • Drill point must break through part prior to threading.
  • Stock Combined drill and taps are designed to drill and tap 'through-holes' up to 2X the nominal diameter.
  • Spindle speeds should be set at normal speed for tapping specific material being machined; as with any tapping operation, a reversing spindle is required.

Don't forget to use a good cutting lubricant, such as our trefolex paste



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