Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Keyserts (Metric) KSSHM

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Keyserts (Metric) KSSHM

  • $379.44 USD

Keysert® Key-Locking Screw Thread Inserts


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  • Easy Installation
    Installed with standard drills and taps
    No pre-winder required
    No tang break-off.
  • Locking keys provide a positive mechanical lock, preventing rotation due to vibration or torsion.
  • Can be used in most materials
    Aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, cold rolled steel and plastic
  • Provide high strength and reliability. One length per size provides maximum pullout strength. Breaks Grade 8 bolts in test after test.
  • Easy to remove

  • No special skills required. Installation procedures can be learned in minutes


Internal Thread Size *External Thread Size (Mod.)
KSSHM4x.7 M8x1.25
KSSHM5x.8 M10x1.25
KSSHM6x1 M12x1.25
KSSHM8x1.25 M14x1.5
KSSHM10x1.5 M16x1.5
KSSHM12x1.75 M18x1.5
KSSHM14x2.0 M20x1.5
KSSHM16x2 M22x1.5
KSSHM18x1.5 M24x1.5
KSSHM20x2.5 M30x2.0
KSSHM22x1.5 M32x2.0
KSSHM24x3.0 M33x2.0
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