Boride AM-2 Polishing Stones

  • $8.94 USD

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An excellent (all-around) finishing stone, the AM-2 was engineered for hand polishing all types of mold and die steel grades. These grades include: S A E 1030 tool steel, pre-heat treated P-20 (AISI 4130), H-13, S-7, and T-420. In addition, the soft action, as well as the perfect breakdown of the AM-2, permits pre-finishing on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, beryllium, kirksite and high chrome/nickel content stainless steel. The use of a lubricant is suggested. Finishing on aluminum, beryllium, kirksite and stain-less steel beyond 320 mesh should be accomplished with Waterproof type abrasive paper. In most instances, use an oil free lubricant agent (odorless mineral spirits). Some expert polishers have claimed that using water when finishing kirksite will generate excellent results.

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