Silvent 2055-A Aluminum Air Gun

Silvent 2055-A Aluminum Air Gun

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Model SIL.2055A

  • SILVENT 2055-A is a safety gun fitted with an aerodynamic aluminum nozzle that offers a blowing force that is equivalent to 5 conventional air guns.
  • Despite this exceptional blowing force, the sound level is comparable to that of an ordinary gun.
  • The 2055-A is a powerful and handy safety air gun that is suitable whenever you need high blowing force to get the job done.
  • Fully complies with OSHA safety regulations and EU Machine Directive noise limitations. Patented.

SI units



US units
Blowing force 13.5 N 47.7 oz
Air consumption 92 Nm³/h 54.1 scfm
Sound level 93 dB(A)  
Air pattern Wide  
Connection 3/8" BSP 3/8"-18 NPT
Connection type Female  
Material (nozzle) Aluminum  
Weight 0.240 kg 0.529 lbs
Max temp 70 °C 158 °F
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi
Min. operating pressure 0.2 MPa 28.6 psi
Replace open pipe 8 mm 5/16 inch
Noise reduction 15 dB(A) 65 %
Air/cost savings 26 Nm³/h 91.8 scfm
Fulfill OSHA standards Yes
Meet the EU Machine directives Yes
Blowing properties at different pressures
SI units (kPa) 200 400 600 800 1000
Blowing force (N) 5.8 10.8 16.0 21.1 26.2
Air consumption (Nm³/h) 45.3 76.2 107.1 138.0 168.9
Sound level (dB(A)) 82.6 89.4 93.8 97.3 99.0
US units (psi) 40 60 80 100 120
Blowing force (oz) 27.6 40.2 52.8 65.5 78.1
Air consumption (scfm) 33.9 46.7 59.4 72.1 84.8
Sound level (dB(A)) 86.0 90.2 93.2 95.5 97.4



HANDTAG 2000Practical design

The 2000 grip is made of aluminum and

is highly versatile, lightweight and user-friendly. It has a modern and

practical design that can be fitted with various types of safety

nozzles, extension pipes, safety accessories etc.


Perfect for demanding applications

Equipped with an extension pipe, these

guns are ideal for applications that are hard-to-reach or hazardous for

the operator. A properly dimensioned extension pipe protects the face

from dangerous flying debris and spattering, and allows the user to

maintain a more ergonomically correct working posture.

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