Loc-Line 1/4"

The tapered skirt design of Loc-Line allows full articulation of the ball without cutting off any of the flow as do round skirt designs.

  • Loc-Line's unique ball and socket design is fully hand adjustable in both position and length.
  • Bending doesn't decrease the inside diameter and it won't kink or fatigue like copper tubing.
  • Unlike metal hoses, Loc-Line won't damage machine tool cutters if contact occurs.
  • Loc-Line is electrically non-conductive. It is ideal for use as an EDM flushing hose.
  • Loc-Line has no internal positioning rod that can break or restrict fluid flow.
  • Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position with-out any springback. Creep due to machine vibration is eliminated .
  • All Loc-Line products are made in the U. S. A.

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