J 200/30 E Dial Thickness Gauge

J 200/30 E Dial Thickness Gauge

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Dial Thickness Gauges J 100 and J 200 differ only by their jaw depth and by the kind of lifting device. On model J 100 the latter is positioned on top of the Dial Gauge. On the Dial Thickness Gauge J 200 the lifting lever is attached to a pin through the measuring spindle. Because of the use of a reinforced frame for J 200 this model can just as the model J 200/30 only be supplied as portable instrument. A stand is available on request. The Dial Thickness Gauge J 200/30 is supplied with the same jaw as model J 200. The Dial Gauge has however a measuring range of 30 mm and a second concentric hand. This concentric hand allows easy and safe reading of the Dial Gauge.



Made in Germany


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