Adjustable Expanding Hand Reamers and Pilots

 Adjustable Hand Reamers are versatile tools each capable of reaming a series of odd sized holes over a limited range of adjustment which goes from about 0.31 in (0.8 mm) in the smaller diameters up to around 0.593 in (15.0 mm) in the larger sizes.

Adjustment is easily done with two screwed collars which raise or lower the cutting blades by moving them along tapered seatings.

They are locked in position when the required diameter is reached.


Complimentary to the Adjustable Reamer is a range of Screw-on Extension Pilots designed to meet the demand for an attachment which makes easier the use of the conventional Expanding Hand Reamer when line reaming on such jobs as king pins and piston bushing.

The Screw-0n Extension Pilot is supplied complete with a double-taper sliding Cone Bush and replacement Collar.