BaerGrip 1/4" drive Multipurpose Mini Ratchet and T-Handle Kit

  • $198.00 USD

The BaerGrip ratchet is very versatile.

As the only 1/4"-ratchet in the world it can be used as a t-handle, mini-ratchet and extended ratchet.

Thread tapping has never been as simple and flexible using a system with chucks and extensions.

The quick release chuck also makes it possible for all hex bit tools to benefit from the advantages of the BaerGrip ratchet


THREE types of ratchet in ONE: t-handle, mini ratchet and extended ratchet with larger leverage effect
  • Thread tapping and screwing even possible in the most difficult to reach places
  • Ergonomic shape: fits into every corner making it ideal to use
  • Variable length
  • Small return angle of only 8° for precision work

  • BaerGrip Ratchet 1/4" inch
  • Chuck M 1 - M 6
  • Chuck M 3 - M 8
  • Chuck M 5 - M 12
  • 1/4" BIT quick-release chuck
  • 1/4" extension 75 mm
  • flexible 1/4" extension 150 mm
  • in rigid PVC Box


    The right kit for most applications. Ideal for threading tools, taps, reamers etc. plus 1/4" Hex drive bits and 1/4" drive sockets


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