MS16142, O-Ring Boss Solid Pilot Port Contour Cutters

MS16142, O-Ring Boss Solid Pilot Port Contour Cutters

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Port Contour Cutters -Solid Pilot

MS16142-S (SAE J514) (SAE J1926 )O-Ring Boss - Solid Pilot

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  • Port Tools are ground between centers to ensure absolute concentricity.
  • They are made from heat-treated alloy steel with brazed carbide inserts.
  • They are designed to enlarge a pre-drilled hole and easily produce a complex form.
  • Port Tools can be used for both lathe and mill applications.

MS16142 port tools come in two different styles.

With the solid pilot tool, the minor diameter must be cut to size before the tool can be used.

This tool excels when the thread depth
deviates from standard.

Other names for this port are SAEJ1926, SAEJ514, and the O-Ring Boss (ORB)


MS16142-2S 1/8" .3125-24UNF-2B

MS16142-3S 3/16" .375-24UNF-2B

MS16142-4S 1/4" .4375-20UNF-2B

MS16142-5S 5/16" .500-20UNF-2B

MS16142-6S 3/8" .5625-18UNF-2B

MS16142-8S 1/2" .750-16UNF-2B

MS16142-10S 5/8" .875-14UNF-2B

MS16142-12S 3/4" 1.0625-12UN-2B

MS16142-14S 7/8" 1.1875-12UN-2B

MS16142-16S 1" 1.3125-12UN-2B

MS16142-20S 1-1/4" 1.625-12UN-2B

MS16142-24S 1-1/2" 1.875-12UN-2B

MS16142-32S 2" 2.500-12UN-2B

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